Monday, January 09, 2012

Choose Energy Introduces Electricity Price Index Tool So Consumers Can Compare Contract Terms To Save Money.

By using a tool developed by, Texas residential electricity customers can better compare and decide what contract term is the best deal for them.

It’s always a great idea for residential electricity customers to do some careful comparison shopping when choosing a residential electric provider for their home. Additionally, in today’s deregulated market, consumers need to educate themselves about the length of the contract term they’re signing up for when changing providers, or re-upping with their current one. It’s definitely advantageous to keep an eye on which contract terms are trending downward; by doing so, one can make sure they’re maximizing their electricity bill savings by locking into a contract at precisely the right time. has come up with the Texas Residential Electricity Price Index Tool - an excellent tool which allows anyone to easily observe the varying trends in electricity contract terms based upon a range from one month all the way up to 24 months. Calculations are based upon 1,000 kWh per month. The rate data in the graph is collected from providers in the Choose Energy system on a daily basis and updated and published weekly here:

This innovative tool provides a clearly defined, easy-to-follow means of watching trends, enabling the consumer to sign up in a timely manner for the best contract term, in order to keep energy bills as manageable as possible. Choose Energy helps and encourages consumers to put in the necessary due diligence and research to evaluate all information available in the Texas electricity market before making an energy buying choice on a provider, plan or term. This tool helps to greatly simplify the process.

“One of our goals at Choose Energy is to continually innovate through technology to help consumers make informed and confident choices when they sign up with a retail electric provider. We designed this graphing tool to help provide our customers a means to stay currently updated about trends in the electricity market.” - Jerry Dyess, President and CEO of

The user-friendly pricing tool allows the user to specify their own particular region in order to obtain more pertinent, topical data simply by clicking on the geographic area/city on the buttons just below the graph. The Texas Residential Electricity Price Index developed by Choose Energy is an average rate based on prices in the Choose Energy system for select terms.

Choose Energy welcomes newspapers, website, magazines and other news & Texas consumer-oriented sources to place this informative, regularly updated tool on their own website for their readers’ convenience and reference. Simply contact Choose Energy via email at support(at)ChooseEnergy(dot)com to learn more.

About Choose Energy
Choose Energy empowers consumers and small business owners with the tools and information they need to research and compare leading national and local energy companies. Powered by proprietary technology, gives consumers the ability to do a side-by-side comparison of plans, pricing and terms so they can make an informed decision for their electric service. Choose Energy’s portfolio of brands includes:,,, and others. For general information on Choose Energy, please go to

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