Monday, January 09, 2012

Choose Energy Introduces Electricity Price Index Tool So Consumers Can Compare Contract Terms To Save Money.

By using a tool developed by, Texas residential electricity customers can better compare and decide what contract term is the best deal for them.

It’s always a great idea for residential electricity customers to do some careful comparison shopping when choosing a residential electric provider for their home. Additionally, in today’s deregulated market, consumers need to educate themselves about the length of the contract term they’re signing up for when changing providers, or re-upping with their current one. It’s definitely advantageous to keep an eye on which contract terms are trending downward; by doing so, one can make sure they’re maximizing their electricity bill savings by locking into a contract at precisely the right time. has come up with the Texas Residential Electricity Price Index Tool - an excellent tool which allows anyone to easily observe the varying trends in electricity contract terms based upon a range from one month all the way up to 24 months. Calculations are based upon 1,000 kWh per month. The rate data in the graph is collected from providers in the Choose Energy system on a daily basis and updated and published weekly here:

This innovative tool provides a clearly defined, easy-to-follow means of watching trends, enabling the consumer to sign up in a timely manner for the best contract term, in order to keep energy bills as manageable as possible. Choose Energy helps and encourages consumers to put in the necessary due diligence and research to evaluate all information available in the Texas electricity market before making an energy buying choice on a provider, plan or term. This tool helps to greatly simplify the process.

“One of our goals at Choose Energy is to continually innovate through technology to help consumers make informed and confident choices when they sign up with a retail electric provider. We designed this graphing tool to help provide our customers a means to stay currently updated about trends in the electricity market.” - Jerry Dyess, President and CEO of

The user-friendly pricing tool allows the user to specify their own particular region in order to obtain more pertinent, topical data simply by clicking on the geographic area/city on the buttons just below the graph. The Texas Residential Electricity Price Index developed by Choose Energy is an average rate based on prices in the Choose Energy system for select terms.

Choose Energy welcomes newspapers, website, magazines and other news & Texas consumer-oriented sources to place this informative, regularly updated tool on their own website for their readers’ convenience and reference. Simply contact Choose Energy via email at support(at)ChooseEnergy(dot)com to learn more.

About Choose Energy
Choose Energy empowers consumers and small business owners with the tools and information they need to research and compare leading national and local energy companies. Powered by proprietary technology, gives consumers the ability to do a side-by-side comparison of plans, pricing and terms so they can make an informed decision for their electric service. Choose Energy’s portfolio of brands includes:,,, and others. For general information on Choose Energy, please go to

Thursday, June 23, 2011 Launches Infographic That Details How 3 Pennies Can Add Up To $3.7 Billion in Savings created an infographic that explains the waste in the Texas energy market and how much consumers could save if they shopped for a lower electricity rate.

Carrollton, Texas (June 24, 2011) –, a leading energy shopping and comparison website, today announced the launch of a new infographic ( that illustrates how three pennies can add up to a very large amount of money for Texas consumers. The new, downloadable report on waste in the Texas energy market outlines results of recent research that consumers are spending too much for residential electricity.

With the rising cost of living and a down economy, people are trying to find ways to cut back and save money. According to the new infographic released by, there could be relief for consumers in their electric bill. According to the report, consumers in Texas could collectively save about $3.7 billion each year if they would shop around for the best rate for their residential electricity.

A number of statistics are included in the report, including how confusing the Texas energy market can be when shopping for new electricity service. There are so many Texas electricity providers to choose from, in fact, there are over 40 active Texas electricity companies and most offer multiple electricity rates – which is very confusing when trying to choose a plan for your home. That’s where consumers can benefit from a site like can help consumers exercise their power to choose and make an informed decision.

" excels in taking a difficult and time consuming process and making it easier for people to understand through our comparison chart and customer reviews," said Jerry Dyess, President and CEO of Choose Energy. "We break the information down into categories and set criteria which make the information less intimidating and easier to understand."

While highlighting the fact that the Texas energy market is the 11th largest in the world, the infographic also shows that 48% of the electricity consumed is from residential use. So what’s the big deal? On average Texas residents pay about 11.5 cents per kWh for their home electric use when they could be paying 8.5 cents per kWh. Doesn’t sound like much does it? Well, those 3 pennies can add up fast and they add up to $3.7 billion for the Texas consumer market.

The infographic provides a good illustration in comparison on what you could get for $3.7 billion. Those 3 pennies saved could end up being more than the 2011 budget of the U.S. National Guard or more than enough money to purchase all of the major pro sports teams in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area including the Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Mavericks, Texas Rangers and the Dallas Stars. Doesn’t sound like chump change now does it? What if Texas could hire 88,635 more teachers? Do you think that would improve Texas’ national ranking in education and in turn help attract more businesses to our communities?

With a recently updated website, Choose Energy gives consumers the power to save money on electricity while making educated choices based on accurate, up-to-date, comparable information. Choose Energy continues to innovate and provide outstanding Texas power choices for residential and commercial energy customers. Customers now have a simple way to compare offers made by different Texas electricity companies and utilize this power of choice when it comes to electricity.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Texas Consumer Should Take All The Advantages To Lower Billls This Summer

This summer, people who live in Texas can do a lot to lower their utility bills. Now that utilities are deregulated, there is much more competition with power companies and no longer do you have to put up with high bills, low quality, and poor services. Instead, you have the power to choose which company you want to service your home or business, and you can not only get the best rates, but also a Texas electric company that is more reliable.

One of the places you should go to first when it comes to choosing your own utility company is This is a company who's business is getting Texas utilities to compete for your services. If you want to be able to decide which company is right for you, then you should go to this site.

With this service, you will be able to choose a number of different things. For starters, you don't have to just deal with Texas utility companies that are still using valuable and depleting resources in the production of electricity. You can choose to use Greener companies, ones that realize the importance of using renewable resources, such as solar, or wind power to supply homes and businesses with their power needs.

You will also be able to compare several companies across the board, instead of just one or two. This allows you to choose exactly the kind of service that you want when it comes to your own electricity, whether you have good credit, or not. You can even choose prepaid electric company, if you have poor credit, which will not only get you the electricity you need, but also allow you to start rebuilding your credit as well.

No longer are electric companies regulated by big monopolies, and now you have the power to choose smaller companies, that will give you more choices, better services, and much lower rates. Instead of having to take it from them, you have a choice what kind of electric company YOU want instead. There are many different power companies competing for your service, and not just in Texas alone.

There are many reasons to use If you are not sure about which Texas power company best suites you individual or business needs, they are there to help you 24/7. They can guide you through every step of the process, from sifting through the many companies on their listing, to the end process, of contacting the supplier and getting your residence of commercial building hooked up.

With this company there is not need to go from one website to another to find the right power supplier, they are all at one site. You can just click on the scrolling list at the bottom of the home page and instantly go to their page, and have a who list of prices per kilowatt hour, what their services are, what features they offer, as well as a little back ground on the company itself.

So if you are tired of seeing your utility bills go as high as the temperature, or are sick of getting an answering machine, or a computer voice on the other end of the line, you need to take control. You have a choice when it comes to your utilities now, and it is best to take as much advantage of this as you can.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

More Customers Are Switching Texas Electricity Providers

With Texas electricity rates the lowest they've been in a long time, more customers are switching providers and saving money by doing so. Today in Texas, there are over a hundred different electric companies; while this is good news, it may also seem overwhelming, in some cases, to find the best electricity provider. The website can help you do this.

Why not switch?

Although it may seem a hassle to switch from one Texas electric provider to another, you can save a significant amount of money -- and take advantage of the competition in today's market -- by doing so. By choosing the lowest cost provider available to you, you'll save on energy costs, putting more money in your pocket.

Estimates show that about 25% more people have switched this year than they did last you. That's good news for consumers, and it's good news for electricity providers who want your business, too.

Prices are lower than they have been in years.

For example, some areas can lock in a low fixed rate that's as little as $.10 per kilowatt-hour if they simply switch electricity providers. Your area's cost may differ somewhat, but you should still be able to get much more reasonable rates than you are currently paying -- and again, you can lock those rates in for at least 12 months. What that means for you is that if you choose a new provider and lock in your low rate now, you're protected from any rate increases for that 12-month period, which will save you even more money.

More than just price to consider

When you go to choose your Texas electricity provider, it's also up to you to do your homework, if you search for electric providers on your own. For example, you have to make sure you take a look at what their customer service satisfaction rate is, what their financial condition is, and what their track record is as well. You may also want to take a look at any perks they offer like bill credits, gift cards, or other amenities for being a customer.

Again, going to can help you find the right service provider for you, in your area. With this website, you can compare rates and options at a glance; even better, has already screened out companies and has chosen only providers who provide stellar service with good track records, a stable business environment, and with top-notch customer service recommendations.

The website will also tell you about all the bonuses or special deals each electric company offers, so that you can compare "with a mouse click" and find the right company for you. This makes it easy to choose a new electric service provider, save money, lock in the lowest rates possible, and even get additional perks and benefits for doing so. What are you waiting for?

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Bounce Energy Launches Promotional Offer In Celebration Of Cinco de Mayo

Texas electricity rates have significantly decreased over the last year or so, but not every consumer has taken advantage of this change. For today only Bounce Energy is offering a 5.5 cent rate on your first bill in celebration of Cinco de Mayo. Since the Texas energy industry was deregulated, costs have become much more competitive and have therefore dropped significantly, but this is a rate most have not seen for quite some time. We recommend consumers take advantage of this one-time offer from Bounce Energy today. At a rate of 5.5 cents - it's certainly the lowest available rate in the Texas electricity market today.

In Texas, you really can't lose when it comes to having a Texas power company that's as inexpensive as possible. This is a great time of year to sign up for a lower rate. Take advantage of this fantastic offer today by going to and sign up for the Thrifty Saver Intro plan from Bounce Energy.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Texas Power Costs Have Been Reduced Significantly

Over the last 12 months, Texas power costs have been reduced significantly for different reasons. But, not everyone is taking advantage of these lower Texas electricity costs. The fact is, the Texas energy market has become much more competitive since it has been deregulated.

So, that leaves consumers with the power to choose between electric providers and benefit from the lower costs. There are various offers available with different lengths of contracts to take advantage of. In most cases, there is no charge to switch from one Texas electric company to another. Certainly, there is no need to question whether there will be a loss of power during the switch, as this is not the case whatsoever. In fact, switching is easy and fast. The most simple site out there is

If you are weary about switching, you really don't have to be. Consider how many offers you have had to switch telephone companies for better long-distance rates, better local rates, and better features.

While the telephone lines remain the same, the only thing that changes is the provider. In most cases, service is just as satisfactory as with the previous provider. You've probably taken advantage of better telephone deals. Well, the same is true for Texas power. The lines or wires remain the same, but the provider will change.

This information should be very useful to you if you haven't taken advantage of the new Retail Electric Provider, or REP. You don't have to necessarily make any phone calls or contact anyone to find out the different rates of the competing corporations. Instead, you can use your online resources (like and compare them for yourself to see how much you will benefit from the savings of this deregulation that took place in recent times.

You will find that there are over 10 providers for every deregulated area in the state. So, you have plenty to choose from. Be a smart consumer and shop around in order to obtain the best rates and programs for your residential or business requirements.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Have You Checked Out What's Happening With Texas Electricity

The Texas electricity industry is leading the way for electric deregulation. This is good for consumers who will have the power to choose their power company. The consumer will not have to choose to go with one company or to have no power at all. This might mean better pricing for the end user.

People might find better deals or plans that will fit their requirements compared to the Texas power provider they use now. But if people are happy with who they use then they need not change. But it is good to know that you can change if you want to.

Some plans allow you to lock in a rate so this could work toward your advantage. You will want to keep an eye open for various plan specials that other companies are running at different times of the year.

Your Texas electric provider who you have used for years probably does not run deals. So it might be a good idea to change if you can save money. But if you have a plan now that has a contract cancellation fee you have to take into account if the savings will be worth the penalty.

You might simply want to wait until the contract expires and then make the move. Here is the bottom line. You will get better service and better rates if there is competition in the market.

Until now the power companies have had a monopoly on the power service. You had two choices use their power or go without power. But because you have a choice you will not have to pay what the companies say. And they charge as much as the government allows them to charge.

This is the first step towards you paying less for your power. The deregulation of the power companies is something you can voice your support for. Call your local representative today to voice your opinion or use your power to choose a lower Texas electric bill today.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Paying Too Much For Texas Energy Doesn't Make Cents

Although there are alternatives for the electricity company chosen by consumers in Texas, many have not exercised their power to choose. There have been many reasons given for not doing so and in the long run it is costing consumers more for the electricity they use.

The right to choose the retail electric provider used is often something people are not aware is available in their area. This is one reason. Another reason may be they have a contract with the provider they are using now and do not want to pay a cancellation fee.

There actually could be an advantage to paying the fee if the savings you will receive by switching companies will be more than the cancellation fee. The power to choose a provider for your electric service should be researched because many people are paying far more than they should. If the savings will be significant, this is well worth looking into for that aspect. If the services are more tailored to your needs, this is another reason to check out what is available.
The number of choices today are many and with these choices more readily available they create a competition among the electric companies. Each one wants your business so they will try to offer a more attractive package than the others. Sometimes this allows the consumer to save a large amount of money on their electricity bills.

Some people have decided to switch to electric companies that use renewable energy. A site that will help you to select the Texas electricity plan that will be more suited to you is There are several Texas electric companies that provide services for retail electric consumers. Shopping around for the one that will give you the best deal is extremely important in today’s economy.

Choose Energy was founded with the goal in mind of providing consumers an opportunity to shop for the electric company they felt would be better suited for their needs. Providing an unbiased site for comparing prices, not only can consumers save money but they have more flexibility when it comes to billing and payments.

In today’s economy when everything is getting more and more expensive, the chance to save money wherever possible is becoming a reality for those who live in Texas. With the option of choosing the electric company that provides the best overall service and price, many people are paying much lower electricity bills.

Ask yourself a few questions and see if it would benefit you to compare prices on several other electricity providers. Are you satisfied with the prices you are paying for electricity? If so, you may not want to change at the present time. However, with as many Texas energy providers as there are available you may want to check back a few times to see if they are offering anything different.

Since the focus today is on renewable energy this is another aspect of changing from one company to another. The chance to have an effect on the environment is a concern of many. Are you concerned that you may have to pay a large deposit to switch to another electric company? This may not always be true. Often the deposit can be paid in installments along with the bill and in certain other cases it may be waived entirely. The only way to know is to check.

Another question you may be concerned with is the ability to stay on a plan that allows them to pay the same cost each month. Many of the electric companies are doing this today, so the one you are with is not the only one with this type of plan. This is another reason to use Choose Energy to compare different companies and see what they offer.

There is no reason for paying outrageous prices for electricity today when there are such a wide variety of choices. The people of Texas no longer have to rely on one electric company and be subject to whatever prices they decide to charge. The ability to choose the electricity provider about as easily as you decide which cell phone provider to use is now available.

When you take the time to go to Choose Energy and compare prices among the many that are on this site, you may be surprised at how much it can change the price you are currently paying.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010 Announces Launch Of Newly Designed Website To Help Consumers Lower Energy Costs

(February 16, 2010), a leading resource for online energy shopping, announced today that it has launched an enhanced website, located at The updated design features smoother navigation, helpful energy education, and increased energy choices showcasing many options for the consumer.

“The new site has a fresh feel which we think appeals to a wide audience,” said President and CEO, Jerry Dyess. “This is about building a relationship with our customers by making the site interactive and at the same time giving our longtime customers what they have come to expect.”

When overhauling the site, designers kept it fun and simple with an interactive approach. Take for example the comparison chart. Customers can now see how many times other customers have selected certain provider offers, thus creating a community feel while facilitating a more competitive environment for the providers.

"We want the new site to be a great resource for Texas electricity customers, resulting in many more consumers saving money on their Texas energy service," said President Jerry Dyess. "Not only is the site easier to navigate with more providers and energy offer information but we’ve built an improved product comparison tool. Now, you can compare offers and make an educated choice based on your particular electricity needs," Dyess added.
With the addition of partners like TXU Energy and Bounce Energy, consumers are given more choices. More choices for energy helps the consumers know they have options, and are not forced into selecting a particular provider.

"Most importantly, the website is designed with the consumer in mind. It's easy-to-navigate, provides a wealth of educational information, and lays out each electric company's plans and rates perfectly so the consumer can make an informed decision. Bounce Energy believes Choose Energy delivers true value to Texas electricity customers, both for small business and residential." noted Robbie Wright, CEO of Houston-based electricity company Bounce Energy.

Just as the Internet has made it easier for people to compare mortgages, travel rates and other services, Choose Energy has developed a ‘compare and buy' shopping site that offers a trusted and objective comparison of available electricity providers for residential and small commercial customers.

About the company: Founded in 2005 Choose Energy, (, has committed itself on being the most trusted and leading online energy shopping resource for small business and residential consumers. This customer commitment is backed up by experienced energy and technology professionals, competitive prices, and powerful technology. Choose Energy has developed the technology required to permit consumers to shop for electricity prices and to apply for service using a single website. It is Choose Energy’s goal to provide the consumer with the latest up-to-date information possible to assist them to exert their power to choose.

For further information call Jerry Dyess at 469 361-2971 or write to Corporate Headquarters at: 3740 N. Josey Lane, Suite 114, Carrollton, Texas 75010. One could also email Jerry Dyess at Also, the consumer can check out the blog at or visit the website at

Friday, January 29, 2010

Using Wind Energy For Residential Applications

What is wind energy? Wind energy is tapping into the second largest abundant renewable resource on the planet, the wind. It is harnessed by the use of wind generators, either with horizontal axis turbines, or a rather new technology, the vertical axis turbine. When the wind is blowing, the blades on these turbines turn, producing power for homes, farms and businesses.
Here in Texas, we get quite a bit of wind that will produce vast amounts of Texas energy.

The power of the wind is not a new concept. It has been used for generations to pump water, and grind grains. With the energy crisis today, it has been a way to seek alternative sources of power, that doesn't use our non renewable resources. It is becoming more and more popular all over the world, and large amounts of Texas power are now being generated by wind 'farms' can be seen in just about every country around the globe.

Because of the technological advances in this area, wind turbines can now be applied to individual residential homes. No longer are they so large that a whole acre of land has to be wasted in order to put up one turbine. Not only are they becoming smaller, but they are able to capture wind at just ten miles an hour.

So how affordable can these be? Not only has the price of prefabricated turbines come down to less than a thousand dollars, but there are also many DIY project kits available today that you can use to build them yourself. Including the price of these kits, the materials needed, and the time it takes to make them, the cost can be well under $500.

One man in middle America actually spent much less. He purchased three ten foot lengths of 3" PVC pipe, and using an alternator, three bicycle rims, and materials around his house, he made a vertical axis turbine that cost under fifty dollars. This he set on his back porch, and on windy days it produces enough electrical energy to run part of his home.

Vertical axis turbines are becoming increasingly popular, because they can gather minimal amounts of wind, can be made from practically nothing, and don't need long poles to be mounted. They are used by celebrities like Jay Leno, who uses them to power the garage where he stores his collection of vintage vehicles.

While not everyone has wind blowing on a constant basis, used in combination with other renewable resources like solar power, you can run a family home totally from renewable resources. Using batteries to store the electricity when not in use, cutting down on energy consumption, and using high energy efficient appliances, like inline hot water heaters, not only can you save thousands of dollars annually on energy bills, but you are helping Mother Nature in many ways.

For one, you are not drawing upon our quickly depleting resources. Two, because these alternative power sources do not burn fossil fuels, you are not contributing to climate change. Three, in some cases, if you are hooked into the power grid, and produce more electrical energy that you can store and use, this extra energy goes back into the grid, and utility companies by law have to buy it back from you thereby cutting down on their emissions.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Smart Meters - Will They Help Us Save Money?

It's a great question to ask, and an important one for the future of our electricity needs. If you're not familiar with these little systems, they were built to help us save money on our utility bills. Now, you probably want to know more about it, but the thing is this is what the electric companies tell us. It's our job to figure out whether or not it's true, and who will actually benefit from it.

Soon you will be able to find these electricity meters in your neighborhood - in fact many are being used today. It's said that we will be able to save all kinds of energy when we do. Right now they are only found in a small fraction of the 3,000 utility companies across the country.

Smart meters take the place of regular power meters. They send data about power consumption by radio signal. This data is received directly by the power company, which can send signals back to tell the meter what to do. This means no more meter readers and no more delay in bills. That means that companies will be able to keep track of consumption as it rises and lowers throughout the course of the day. That permits them to start implementing based on supply and demand, giving users at off-peak times bargain pricing. This kind of pricing is already pretty common among industrial users. It's just recently that it's reached commercial and residential electricity markets. As of 2005, the federal government is recommending that state utility commissions consider demand-response pricing. Utilities have planned to deploy over forty million smart meters by 2010.

How does that break down into cheaper power for you? Well, you'll be able to choose when you're using power and look at pricing in real time. You can see how much your usage is costing you and make choices based on that. If rates are high, it might be time to put off some energy intensive chores or turn up the thermostat a little to save power. If rates are low, it might be time to do a lot of laundry or just enjoy the savings.

So to answer your question, we believe it's going to help all of us save money down the road. However, until we actually see how it working, we can only hope at this point. There will be nothing like seeing that your bill is low and thinking; "Okay, today would be a great day to do some more laundry or cook a great meal in the oven." There are many scenarios we could share, but being able to see live results will be very beneficial to both the power companies and customers just like you.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Cash For Caulkers Program

Recently, President Obama made a new program proposal that could help homeowners be greener and boost the economy, too. This "Cash for Caulkers" program would reimburse homeowners who purchased insulation, energy efficient appliances, and other green home improvements. It would encourage people to buy needed green additions to their homes, and help them save money in the long run.

Currently, we don't have details from the Obama administration. However, the administration has stated that it'll work with Congress to put together the legislation. According to officials assisting with the bill, homeowners could be eligible to recieve up to twelve thousand dollars worth of rebates, depending on the improvements they make.

This proposal is part of the larger spending program suggested by the President. Other spending includes offering money to small businesses, to the renewable energy sector, and to help support and expand infrastructure. These areas are being supported because of the great role that energy efficiency and infrastructure play in our lives. More efficient policies create jobs, help families save money, and reduce pollution and waste.

There are two main parts to the program. They include money for companies in the efficiency and renewable energy industry and money for homeowners embarking on efficiency projects. The plan will probably allow audits to be conducted by private contractors, who then purchase the appropriate items and install them. Coverage is likely to be available for washers, dryers, windows, insulation, heating and cooling and other important, but expensive, items.

The suggestion currently is for consumers to be eligible for a fifty percent rebate on both installation and purchase of equipment, up to a total of twelve thousand dollars. A household could spend up to twenty-four thousand in improvements, and expect to receive half back. For many, that will reduce the overall cost enough to encourage more improvements and larger purchases.

Homeowners who take full advantage of this proposed program will benefit in other ways, too. Energy bills could drop up to twenty percent due to greater efficiency and lower levels of waste produced by newer appliances. This could be a real help for homeowners in the long run, as long as the program is well planned.

Currently, it's not clear how this plan will be administered. Tax credits, direct rebates, or state agencies are all options. The current projected cost for the program is in the ten billion dollar range. Critics note that people who have to spend a lot up front to receive the rebate may be reluctant to participate, and that fraud may be an issue.

If well planned and well administered, this program could be a big economic boost and a great encouragement for people to go green. It all depends on how the final legislation comes out. If you're considering improving your home and making it a little greener, be sure to keep an eye on this interesting program. It could be a real help in your efforts to green your lifestyle.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Wind Energy - Is This New Texas Gold?

We've heard a lot about the environmental benefits of wind energy. In windy areas of the country, this untapped power source has the potential to produce a lot of electricity. But who else is benefiting? In Texas, a surprising number of oil companies are starting to get into wind. Here's a look at Texas's wind energy boom, and the increase in wind power that's happening in other states.

GE has a one and a half billion dollar contract to supply turbines and maintenance for an Oregon wind farm over the next decade, a project expected to create about four hundred and fifty jobs. T. Boone Pickens, Texas oilman, is getting behind wind power in his state, and wind farms are popping up all over in the American Midwest. That's because wind is worth a lot of money right now.

Currently, US residents import a little under seventy percent of their oil. That worries a lot of people who don't want the country to be reliant on foreign companies. This energy problem is becoming just as big a boost to wind energy enterprises as environmental concerns. Natural gas plans are also being proposed, either instead of wind power, or alongside it.

In some areas in Texas, you can drive a hundred and fifty miles and see a wind turbine wherever you go. Some people think of these huge turbines as eyesores, while others see them as the means to free the US from foreign oil dependency. In Nolan County, Texas, for instance, there are five billion dollars worth of turbines - fifteen hundred individual wind generators. Right now, that area produces more wind power in a year than the entire state of California.

Other areas in the state of Texas are having similar wind booms. The Rolling Plains region has two thousand turbines in operation, and Midland and Odessa's Permian Basin region produces about six thousand megawatts of electricity from three thousand turbines. New towers in some areas are going up at the rate of three to four a day.

Wind makes an excellent substitute for natural gas in Texas electricity production, and is renewable, unlike fossil fuels. It also produces no pollution while generating that electricity, though the turbines themselves are still made by industrial processes. Oil barons and environmentalists alike are supporting these plans, in an attempt to reduce environmental damage from fossil fuel burning and decrease dependence on foreign oil. Add in solar energy, for when the wind's not blowing, and the nation's power requirements will be increased even more.
Is wind a viable alternative for all our energy needs? It depends on who you talk to. However, one thing is sure. Wind is booming all over the country, and producing a lot of energy. It's definitely worth a look!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Texas Electric Deregulation - A Road Map For America

It's a known fact that when electric companies (or any company, for that matter) get the chance to establish a monopoly such that consumers have no competition to choose from, the companies themselves hold all the cards and the unfortunate consumers are left to take what they can get, at whatever price the company deems necessary for profit. To that end, deregulation laws were introduced in Texas in 2002, such that now, most Texas citizens can choose their electric providers.

That means more competition, and THAT means that customers are once again in control. Deregulation means better customer service, better pricing, and a chance to use renewable energy sources instead of entrenched but "bad for the environment" and nonrenewable energy sources. It wasn't always that way; before deregulation took hold in Texas, a single utility would provide service to an entire area, including sales, transmission, and distribution. That meant consumers had no other options but to take what they got. Deregulation has changed that, such that now, one company can handle the transmission and distribution of electricity within a given area, but other companies take over billing and sales. For consumers, this gives choice, such that they can choose the providers they want to work with.

The Public Utility Commission oversees the entire process, to forestall any problems that may arise. Today, about 75% of the citizens in Texas have the ability to choose the power companies they want, and thus to control at least to some extent how much they pay, where they get their power from, and the level of service they receive. This benefits businesses as well as private consumers, and when businesses benefit, that business's customers benefit, too.Why? Because when businesses can choose their own electric service providers, they get lower utility costs and better service. In turn, they pass those savings and the benefits of that improved service on to customers.

At present, some 25% of Texas' electric consumers still do not have the ability to receive the benefits of competition. That includes those in large cities like Austin and San Antonio, and those that use electric cooperatives. Nonetheless, positive changes continue to be made in Texas when it comes to Texas electric utility providers. Renewable resources continue to be explored and implemented, with wind farms, as one example, springing up all over the state as a means to provide clean, completely renewable energy that can be converted into electricity.

If you live in Texas and you live in an area where you can choose your provider, the best way to make sure deregulation stays in place is to utilize its benefits. Shop around for the company that's going to suit you and your family best by going to You can actually compare prices in real time between companies, all on the same website. Once you've done your homework and have chosen an electric provider that meets your needs the best, and at the best possible prices, you simply place your order with the company; you should expect to receive information from them on your rights as a customer, and the terms of service agreement from your new provider as well. You don't have to contact your old provider to discontinue service, either. Your new provider will handle that, and you'll simply get a notice of service change in the mail. Actual change of service will happen at your next meter reading. It should be noted that your new company will not be assuming responsibility for sending you your final bills from the old company, so make sure you address those and get them taken care of. Other than that, though, the change is completely seamless and automatic. You simply use your power to choose your new provider, and the wheels are set in motion so that you can enjoy the benefits of going with an electric provider you've chosen.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Lower Business Costs with Lower Texas Power Prices

One thing to understand about the Texas electricity market, is it's the largest one in the country, and 11th in the world when it comes to consumption. While the state politicians continue to argue over a solution for their rising energy costs, the closest thing to an answer they came up with was electricity.

What this does is allow customers in the state of Texas the power to choose their electricity provider. In the beginning this new law brought excitement and change to each city, and about 85% of the commercial energy customers switched their providers at least once. Then of course residential changes hit around 40%. These are quite astounding numbers, and it's hard to believe it took this long to make the change.

The new business startup was crazy considering any way you turned, there was a new company coming out of the woodwork. The competition was so fluent; the idea was that there would be much lower prices. The good news was this was offered through both residential and commercial areas. Oddly though, prices began to rise once deregulation was embraced by customers. It was so detrimental to the public, the electricity costs increased by over 40% in a three-year span between 2002 and 2004. The end result was residential homeowners and commercial business feeling treated badly as a result.

However, proponents of deregulation tried to explain the situation as best they could. The answer revolved around electricity prices rising due to natural gas obstacles. During this time the natural gas industry had reached an all time high and reached increases of 60%. So they were trying to tell us that deregulation was saving customers money.

The biggest issue that they tried to confront head-on was the misconception of immediate savings due to the vast amount of competition. While this was going on, there were several individuals still remaining skeptical about the situation. It was almost as if they were being sold a false bill by politicians and legislators. What it came down to is the economists and supporters of deregulation were right. Once we were able to stabilize the natural gas arena, electricity bills in Texas eventually started falling. By the summer of 2008 through the winter of 2009, these prices decreased by 30%.

Keep in mind, there are many experts out there attributing to this decline through the combination of the recession and the decline in natural gas costs. Eventually we expect the prices to keep falling the further into a recession we go. While everything looks sweet on the surface, it's forcing businesses to cut prices as well. The good news is they believe that the lower business electricity costs are helping them keep their businesses afloat until the economy turns around.

Clean Energy to Get a B$G Boost

Three new venture capitalists have recently pledged $12.2 million to the PACE solar funding initiative, a venture founded by Cisco DeVries with Berkeley First. PACE stands for Property Assessed Clean Energy and is a program that assists homeowners in making solar power affordable and convenient. Basically the PACE program is a way for local governements to use a land secured bond financing schematic to loan low interest, long term loans to homeowners in a specific geographic area. The loans are then used solely for the purchase and setup of photovaltaic arrays and equipment. The homeowner is then able to eliminate or significantly lower their electric bill, and instead pay on the loan for the solar array. This financing model has allowed numerous areas of the United States to make solar energy use affordable and simple to implement. Draper Fisher Jurvetson, New Cycle Capital, and RWE Ventures are businesses that plans to infuse PACE programs with $12.2million in the coming years in order to finance new PACE supported programs across the United States.

In addition to the PACE program, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act has been providing many cities and municipalities insightful ways to fund new clean energy, efficiency, and conservation programs. As one of the main components of the ARRA is to provide new jobs and to stimulate the economy, and the fact that green technology and renewable energy are some of the "hottest" industries right now, it is no wonder that the Federal government finds it prudent to invest this market. The Department of Energy currently has the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant under advisement. The EECBG is an umbrella grant program that provides money to state programs, which then disseminates the funds to other local and regional programs to achieve the goals of their overall State Energy Plan. Earlier in 2009, states submitted State Energy Plans (SEPs) of which most have were approved for funding from the EECBG. Each state program has specific energy conservation and efficiency goals, which can be achieved through state incentive programs, municipal building retrofits, and/or the purchase or creation of specific energy credits.

The clean/green energy industry is an extremely volatile industry that is absolutely exploding right now. Numerous start up companies are providing new and innovative ways of not only providing renewable energy, but also the financial resources to obtain it. This has ushered in a completely different type of business model in which a company not only markets to potential customers or clients, but also develops relationships with governmental entities that can assist both the client and company through a variety of funding options. It is this type of all encompassing cooperation between government, corporate entities, and individuals that will ensure the long term viability of the alternative energy market.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Next Up on - First Choice Power

When it comes to choosing an energy plan for your home, it can be a difficult task to find the one that's perfect for you and your household. First Choice Power is a solid company that has been an electricity provider for Texas residents for decades and offers a variety of energy plans to meet just about anyone's' needs. Their signature line "Simply Better" actually sums up most of the information and personal testimonials that can be found about First Choice Power.

First Choice Power has three major residential electricity and energy plans that offer unique benefits to customers. Whether you would prefer a stable-payment option or you are looking into a green energy plan, the three major options that individuals have when signing up with the company include:

Simply Better Price Plan - Would you like to pay just one single, low cost amount for a full year? First Choice Power's Simply Better Price Plan is the fixed-rate plan that allows customers to be able to pay one single, stable amount that will never change for a one-year term. In this plan customers have price protection, which is an important benefit for those on a fixed income or others who are looking for cost savings in their utility bills.

Variable Plan - This is a plan that even though requires a variable electricity rate, the rate from month to month won't change more than once. The rates are set on the wholesale electricity prices in Texas, but will never go up more than 35% for First Choice Power customers. In addition, customers are also not obligated to stay on this plan as there is no contract and no minimum length of time.

Advantage Green Plan - First Choice Power offers this plan for green energy aware individuals who would like to help the environment and use 100% renewable energy sources. While customers are on this plan they'll enjoy both low prices and price protection so they can have the benefit of a reliable energy company while still doing something great for the environment.
Community Involvement

In addition to the three great options that First Choice Power offers to new and existing customers, they are also heavily involved in the Texas community. For example, they offer Classroom Energy Innovation Grants for teachers and students in kindergarten through high school for funding of special energy projects that benefit the entire community. First Choice Power also partners with many businesses and companies in Texas for their Simply Better Recycling program to help the environment.

Whether it's the price protection, guaranteed rates, or renewable energy plans that are available or you love that this company is heavily involved with the community, First Choice Power is able to offer unique benefits, cost savings, and a reliable company to everyone that needs Texas electricity. All you have to do is go to: and sign up.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Dynowatt - Texas Electric Provider

We continue our series about Texas electric providers this week on Dynowatt.

Dynowatt offers Texans the ability to choose their own energy plan - the one that's going to be best for their individual situation. One size fits all plans almost never work for everyone, after all. This company cares about its customers, and puts a high priority on environmental responsibility, too. Because of this, they're offering the best value for your dollar when it comes to electricity, and a wide range of options.

The flexibility you'll get with Dynowatt allows you to build your own plan. There are many different products available business and residential customers in Texas to pick from, including alternative energy plans. At last, you can choose to have your home serviced by power that comes from entirely green generation sources. You pick the kind of Texas power you need, and you choose the rate plan that's going to work best for your situation.

Everyone has the power to choose their own energy company now. Picking Dynowatt means that you'll get competitive prices without a loss of good quality customer care. Compare their rates to other companies, and see which one offers you the best, but don't forget to factor in the other services. Customer service, the ability to put together the plan that'll work best for your situation, and all those other features make Dynowatt an excellent pick.

Dynowatt's SecureRate plans enable you to pay the same rate every month in six or twelve month intervals. Variable Plan options let you take advantage of price fluctuations as the market changes. Both plans are available offering ordinary or green generated power, and wind power costs only a fraction of a cent more. That makes it worthwhile to check out Dynowatt's environmentally friendly options. Just enter your current zip code into the website to find out more about what you could be paying.

Customers can pay using an automated telephone service twenty-four hours a day, all week. The service is free, convenient, and easy to use, so making your electricity payment is now easier than ever. Dynowatt also offers information about green energy and its methods of generation. In Texas, that means clean, sustainable wind power. Take the time to learn more about it, and know you're supporting the Texas economy, too.

When you make your choice of power company, you have a lot of options. Dynowatt is only one of the many electricity providers operating in Texas. But don't rule it out. This company is ready to offer all kinds of useful options and features that could make getting your electricity a lot easier, less expensive, and greener. Dynowatt is a great choice for Texas energy.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Texas Electric Review (cont.) - dPi Energy

We continue our look at Texas electric companies this week by featuring dPi Energy.

What does dPi Energy offer that most Texas energy companies don't? Easy access to electricity, no matter who you are, reliably. You get reliable service with no need for a credit check and no deposit requirement. You don't even have to have a checking account or credit card to pay your bill - cash is happily accepted. That's great news for people who can't get a bank account or credit for one reason or another, or who just prefer to handle their bills with physical money.

Sign up for dPi Energy, and you'll quickly start getting service. No ID is required, so there's no worry about losing track of your personal information, something most providers just can't offer. There's no need to sign a long term contract - you pay as you go. There are even payment stations in many neighborhoods to make it easy to keep your bills covered. Flexible payment options allow you to tailor your service to your situation, as well, and competitive prices mean you won't pay too much. Tens of thousands of people in Texas are signing up with dPi Energy, and it's really no surprise. All you have to do is go to: and sign up online.

Rates are just a click away on, with a plan that works for what you need. Business customers get a single point of contact, and billing solutions that can grow with your business. Rates are competitive and service is high quality, making dPi a popular choice with consumers and companies all over Texas.

When you sign up, you'll choose one of three types of plans: Residential, Small Business, or Enterprise. Each is designed to help you trim down your costs without sacrificing reliability or convenience. Signing up is simple, and each type of plan is tailored to the people who use it. Under each of these umbrellas, you'll get even more choices.

Residential customers who want a painless way to get low rates can pay as little as fifteen cents per kWh for their first month of service. Rates after that will be subject to market fluctuations, so you can take advantage of the lows and curtail your power uses during the highs. You get control, which is something that many long term plans don't give you. We all deserve energy providers we can trust, who also trust us!

Texans have the power to choose where their electricity comes from, and that means shopping around. Take a look at all the providers out there, but don't forget to pay attention to dPi Energy. This company gives you easy access to power, with no checks on your credit, no deposit, and no ID required. Pay with cash, enjoy the benefits of a rate that fluctuates with the market, and choose dPi. You'll be happy with the results.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Today's Featured Texas Electric Company - Champion Energy Serivces

There are a lot of reasons for Texas residents to choose Champion Energy. This company offers very low rates, even for green power, despite the required monthly charge. It also offers the ability to order service and maintain accounts online, and has an low rate of customer complaints. Switching to Champion Energy Services could be the decision that lets you enjoy lower power bills for a long time to come. Reliable service, good customer interactions, and lower payments all add up to one great power company.

Champion Energy embraces deregulation, looking for the best way to create value for the people who choose it. Custom pricing plans, competitive rates, good customer service and convenient billing make this company a great choice for everyone. This strong company can also buy its power wholesale, resulting in less expensive electricity for you. Commercial and industrial businesses will enjoy the convenience and lower cost that Champion offers, too.

Customer agreements with Champion are simple to understand and fair. You'll get an easy to read monthly statement that makes it easy to understand what you're paying and why. If you do have a question, just get in touch with the company. Champion Energy Services offers high quality customer service for every need, whether you're concerned about your enrollment or your billing. Signup is simple and easy too, and you could start saving money very soon!

Residential customers can find out what their rates with Champion would likely be just by entering their zip code into Plenty of information to help you choose pops up right away. If you're a business owner, whether small or large, you can get help easily, too. Commercial customers can choose from a fixed price plan, a floating price contract, a contract based on the price of natural gas, or even a custom designed energy plan put together especially for them. With contract terms up to five years, and the ability to add contract extensions, this company is an excellent choice for business.

If you live or do business in Texas, it might be time to take a look at your Texas energy situation. Deregulation gives us all a choice, and the power to use the company that offers us what we want most. Champion is a competitive company with a lot of experience in the industry, offering convenience, low pricing and reliable service. That makes it the ideal pick for a lot of residential and business customers alike. If you're searching for a new electricity provider, you could do worse than to go with a Champion.