Thursday, November 05, 2009

Next Up on - First Choice Power

When it comes to choosing an energy plan for your home, it can be a difficult task to find the one that's perfect for you and your household. First Choice Power is a solid company that has been an electricity provider for Texas residents for decades and offers a variety of energy plans to meet just about anyone's' needs. Their signature line "Simply Better" actually sums up most of the information and personal testimonials that can be found about First Choice Power.

First Choice Power has three major residential electricity and energy plans that offer unique benefits to customers. Whether you would prefer a stable-payment option or you are looking into a green energy plan, the three major options that individuals have when signing up with the company include:

Simply Better Price Plan - Would you like to pay just one single, low cost amount for a full year? First Choice Power's Simply Better Price Plan is the fixed-rate plan that allows customers to be able to pay one single, stable amount that will never change for a one-year term. In this plan customers have price protection, which is an important benefit for those on a fixed income or others who are looking for cost savings in their utility bills.

Variable Plan - This is a plan that even though requires a variable electricity rate, the rate from month to month won't change more than once. The rates are set on the wholesale electricity prices in Texas, but will never go up more than 35% for First Choice Power customers. In addition, customers are also not obligated to stay on this plan as there is no contract and no minimum length of time.

Advantage Green Plan - First Choice Power offers this plan for green energy aware individuals who would like to help the environment and use 100% renewable energy sources. While customers are on this plan they'll enjoy both low prices and price protection so they can have the benefit of a reliable energy company while still doing something great for the environment.
Community Involvement

In addition to the three great options that First Choice Power offers to new and existing customers, they are also heavily involved in the Texas community. For example, they offer Classroom Energy Innovation Grants for teachers and students in kindergarten through high school for funding of special energy projects that benefit the entire community. First Choice Power also partners with many businesses and companies in Texas for their Simply Better Recycling program to help the environment.

Whether it's the price protection, guaranteed rates, or renewable energy plans that are available or you love that this company is heavily involved with the community, First Choice Power is able to offer unique benefits, cost savings, and a reliable company to everyone that needs Texas electricity. All you have to do is go to: and sign up.

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