Friday, October 16, 2009

Texas Electric Review (cont.) - dPi Energy

We continue our look at Texas electric companies this week by featuring dPi Energy.

What does dPi Energy offer that most Texas energy companies don't? Easy access to electricity, no matter who you are, reliably. You get reliable service with no need for a credit check and no deposit requirement. You don't even have to have a checking account or credit card to pay your bill - cash is happily accepted. That's great news for people who can't get a bank account or credit for one reason or another, or who just prefer to handle their bills with physical money.

Sign up for dPi Energy, and you'll quickly start getting service. No ID is required, so there's no worry about losing track of your personal information, something most providers just can't offer. There's no need to sign a long term contract - you pay as you go. There are even payment stations in many neighborhoods to make it easy to keep your bills covered. Flexible payment options allow you to tailor your service to your situation, as well, and competitive prices mean you won't pay too much. Tens of thousands of people in Texas are signing up with dPi Energy, and it's really no surprise. All you have to do is go to: and sign up online.

Rates are just a click away on, with a plan that works for what you need. Business customers get a single point of contact, and billing solutions that can grow with your business. Rates are competitive and service is high quality, making dPi a popular choice with consumers and companies all over Texas.

When you sign up, you'll choose one of three types of plans: Residential, Small Business, or Enterprise. Each is designed to help you trim down your costs without sacrificing reliability or convenience. Signing up is simple, and each type of plan is tailored to the people who use it. Under each of these umbrellas, you'll get even more choices.

Residential customers who want a painless way to get low rates can pay as little as fifteen cents per kWh for their first month of service. Rates after that will be subject to market fluctuations, so you can take advantage of the lows and curtail your power uses during the highs. You get control, which is something that many long term plans don't give you. We all deserve energy providers we can trust, who also trust us!

Texans have the power to choose where their electricity comes from, and that means shopping around. Take a look at all the providers out there, but don't forget to pay attention to dPi Energy. This company gives you easy access to power, with no checks on your credit, no deposit, and no ID required. Pay with cash, enjoy the benefits of a rate that fluctuates with the market, and choose dPi. You'll be happy with the results.

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