Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Gas Prices

Oil and natural gas prices have both been going up, which leads to higher fuel cost and higher energy bills. With the summer driving season almost upon us, many people might be rethinking that cross country family trip they had been planning. We may even see $4.00 prices at the pump. People need to find ways to save money - one obvious one is ChooseEnergy.com. Plus, we need to begin to conserve the energy we consume. Check out the tips on energy savings for the home and business. When combined with a lower cost provider, they can add up to a lot of savings.

Monday, April 24, 2006


Some customers have asked us a few questions that we thought we would share with you.

Do consumers pay to use ChooseEnergy?

No, there are no fees or extra charges to consumers for visiting the site, reviewing the information and/or for using the site to switch electricity providers.

Do retailers pay to have their prices and offers listed on ChooseEnergy?

No, if a customer switches to a new electricity provider using ChooseEnergy, the retailer pays ChooseEnergy a small commission. There is no added or hidden cost to consumers. Retailers may advertise on the site, but the advertising does not affect the offers made to consumers.

Will all consumers be offered the same prices?
The retail electric providers decide what prices to offer consumers based on their electricity usage – quantity and patterns – as well as where they reside.

How is ChooseEnergy different from www.Powertochoose.com, sponsored by the Texas Public Utilities Commission?

ChooseEnergy allows consumers to compare and SWITCH electricity providers if they want to. www.powertochoose.com merely allows consumers to compare, but choosing and switching providers is not available directly from their webiste. CE also allows business owners to compare real-time offers and order service from competing retail electric providers.

Will consumers have to commit to long-term contracts?

Consumers can also consider the length of contracts while reviewing the various offers made by different electricity providers. Some providers may offer different rates for various lengths of contracts. After reviewing all their options and deciding what is best for them, consumers can select the proposed offer which best meets their needs.
Consumers can actually sort by contract length, cost and clean energy product types. Electric providers offer contracts that usually range from month-to-month to up to 3 years.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Rolling black-outs in Texas. Is Texas headed for something like California's crisis? The answer - No, California really just doesn’t have enough power to go around. They have only built two power plants to Texas' 47 since 1995. What happened the other day in Texas was just a run of bad luck. Texas power producers had many plants offline for planned maintenance, then we hit a record high and everyone turned on their A/C's. Plus, the PUC of Texas has also instituted much stronger consumer protection rules for those in Texas and much higher qualifications for retail electric providers that operate in Texas. We do need to conserve energy any way we can, and that will help everyone. TXU just announced that they are going to spend $10 billion on electricity plants in Texas, and they expect that to meet Texas' growing power demands into 2015.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Is Deregulaton Good for Texas?

The easy answer is, YES! In my view, any form of competition makes economic sense in the market, and Texas electrici deregulation created a competitive environment for Texans. Companies now compete for your business by offering a variety of different services, products and prices to win you over as a customer. But one of the most important aspects of deregulation is that it gives you, the customer, the control. You now control who bills you for your electricity usage, lawmakers don't decide or some big coporation doesn't decide, you decide what you order - you now have the freedom of choice! So make your choice today Texas and switch.