Friday, June 23, 2006

Energy costs begin to soar. Take action.

As summer moves in and energy costs begin to soar, more homeowners are taking action to rein in their utility bills. By making energy efficient enhancements to your home, switching to a low cost electricity provider, and lowering your electricity consumption you too can reduce your energy costs by up to 50%.
Energy Efficient Enhancements:
1) Service your HVAC system.
2) Make sure you have proper insulation in your home.
3) Change to fluorescent light bulbs.
4) Purchase Energy Star appliances

Lower Cost Electricity Providers:
1) Go to: and choose a new electric provider

Lower Electricity Consumption:
1) Set your thermostat at 78 degrees or higher.
2) Turn on fans.
3) Clean air filters.
4) Turn off lights when not in use.

Do these energy savings tips and you will begin to see lower electricity bills.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Do I have to switch providers?

No, you don't have to do anything and you will remain stay with your current affiliate retail electric provider.

Even if you don't make a switch to another provider, do the research and find out your options. Maybe you don't want to switch and want to stay with your current electric provider but would like to purchase cleaner renewable electricity. Chances are, your current electric company offers a renewable energy product for your home. That's what deregulation is about - the consumer having options.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

What is Green Energy?

Green energy is electrical power that is produced from clean, renewable energy sources. Renewable energy comes from sources that are less-polluting like wind, solar and water. By utilizing the wind or water to turn turbines, or the sun to heat fuel cells you can produce electricity. Traditional power sources like coal and gas power plants emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Utilizing green energy reduces smog, greenhouse gases and air pollution.

How do you choose Green energy for my home? Well, you have a choice in who supplies your electricity, and you can choose to buy clean Texas energy by switching your electric service to a retail electric provider like Green Mountain Energy. They offer a Pollution Free product that costs the same as your current affiliate electric provider. Simply go to: to sign up.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Texas Electricity Deregulation

Even though most consumers have heard of electricity deregulation in Texas, most Texans have not made a switch to another electric provider because it’s still a confusing process. Well, changing your electricity provider is about to get a lot easier. The home and business energy service portal will soon be available to the Texas market. All users will be able to go to and browse, compare and order electricity services for their home or business. See. Select. Switch. It's Simple!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Lower energy costs for your business.

Energy costs can have a significant impact on your company’s bottom-line. After you have chosen a lower cost provider by visting and made the switch, figure out ways to conserve the energy you use.

- Call a service professional to check your office air conditioning unit (s) before the summer really heats up;
- Keep the office thermostat at 78 degrees or above. Every degree below 78 increases your cooling cost by almost 10%;
- Change your air conditioner filters every month;
- If you have fans in the office -turn them on. Up to 70% of your summer electricity usage comes from your air conditioner. By turning on a fan, a room can feel up 5 degrees cooler;
- If you have access to them - weather-strip the outer windows and doors. Make sure you have a sufficient amount of caulk and weather-stripping around the windows and doors to keep that cool air inside your office.
- Insulate all exterior outlets and electrical receptacles.

Every little bit helps - by switching to a lower cost electric provider and using some of our helpful energy conservation tips you should begin to see a much smaller electric bill.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Benefits for using

…is a true and neutral energy marketplace -
The first true energy marketplace where Texans can allow electricity providers to bid on their business.

…makes it simple to switch providers -
The site that customers can actually switch electricity providers in just a few clicks, without cumbersome paperwork.

…empowers you to compare electricity providers, with no risks or obligations -
A neutral site where electricity customers can see and compare real-time offers, even “model” different lengths of contracts.

…gives you confidence to know today’s best electricity offers -
The most direct way for residential and business customers in Texas to be confident they’re getting the personalized, least costly and most up-to-date offers available from electricity providers.

NOTE: Regardless which electricity provider you choose, your electricity will continue to be supplied by the “power lines” company, which is often a spin-off or division of the former electricity monopolies in your area and regulated by the Public Utility Commission.

How do I choose an electric company?

You now have a choice when choosing an electricity provider in Texas and ChooseEnergy is here to help. For the first time, there is an unbiased electricity marketplace that enables you to take charge of your electricity spending. Choose Energy allows Texans to compare offers and save money by choosing an electricity provider that truly meets your needs.

Some things you should look for - The Electricity Facts Label - usually found in the Terms of Service documents. Read it. This will provide you with the Retail Electric Provider's pricing information, contract terms and sources of generation. All Texas Retail Electric Providers offering residential service are required to provide this information to you upon request. This allows you to compare all offers in greater detail.

Once you have found the opne for you - make the switch. Go to: and See - Select - & Switch. It's that Simple!

High Electric Bill

Those high electricity bills are going to start coming in the mail and they are only going to get higher once we get into the HOT summer months. They are predicting a very hot summer for Texas. So make a choice today and go to: and switch to a lower cost electric provider. You can save hundreds of dollars! It's fast, free, and easy. You simply See - Select - Switch. It's that simple!